Urban Ounce of Prevention Services - "Culturally Specific Behavioral Health Care Specialist"
Adult Success Stories
  • Barbara is an African-American female that gave birth to a baby born with cocaine in its system. Her baby was taken into protective custody by Children’s Services Board which referred her to the Exodus Treatment Program and the New Beginnings Program for parenting. Barbara remained completely dedicated to the process and completed both programs successfully.   In addition, Barbara went back to school and received her GED, and most importantly, was reunited with her baby. 
  • Patricia was addicted to drugs and struggled with her own identity.  She successfully completed her treatment goals and objectives and is now drug free.   Patricia enrolled in college and is in the first semester which has proved to be successful.  She is on the Dean's List and has been awarded a scholarship towards expenses for next semester.  Her goal is to earn a degree in Business Management.  Patricia's advice to others struggling with their addictions is to, "Never give up on yourself, we are in control of our own destiny.  Believe in the unseen that anything and everything is possible".
  • Ken is a 50 year-old male who was addicted to cocaine.  He had lost his CDL license and job as a commercial truck driver.  He lost his family and moved in with his mother after losing his home.  Ken came to the agency where he began receiving treatment for his drug addiction.  He also participated in the ATR Employment Skills Training Program.  Ken successfully completed his treatment program and continues to maintain his sobriety.  He was re-certified for his CDL license and is driving for a trucking company out of state. 
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