Urban Ounce of Prevention Services - "Culturally Specific Behavioral Health Care Specialist"
Youth Success Stories
  • Jamal participated in the Building Dreams Mentoring Program from age 8 to 18.  He was raised in a home with three siblings and his mother.  Jamal participated in weekly activities of the Building Dreams Program as well as the many enrichment activities.    He attended two National PRIDE Youth Leadership Conferences where he expanded his knowledge in life skills  and alcohol and drug prevention.  After participating in several college tours with the agency, Jamal enrolled in a historically black college.  He returns to the agency during the summer to encourage participating youth. 
  • Tamika started participating in the New Bridges Program when she was 13 and continued until she was 18 when she  graduated from high school.  She was very active in New Bridges and was always eager to take a leadership role demonstrating the skills that she had developed in the program.  Tamika excelled in the African Dance and Drumming activities and performed on stage before over 3,000  youth at a National PRIDE Youth Leadership Conference.  She also enjoyed community service activities that involved senior citizens.  Tamika is now a freshman in college.
  • Mike enrolled in the Building Dreams Mentoring Program at the age of eight.  He was industrious and had an entrepreneurial spirit,  every sumer Mike opened a Kool-Aid stand  in the public housing complex where he lived.   He was always excited to attend  sessions  where he developed leadership skills.  He was selected a  peer trainer and a youth leader during the summer sports camps.  Mike enjoyed going on college tours and is now a student in college.
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